Dark Age of Camelot Q&A

Camelot Vault has posted a Q&A interview that they conducted with Mythic Internet Relations Manager, Sanya Thomas. Here's a snippet:
Lepidus: It has been a long time since we've done one of these. In all this time, has your role at Mythic developed or changed? What does a typical day in the life of Sanya Thomas consist of?

Sanya Thomas: There is no typical day :) But there are some things I do every day. First, I cruise through my email, looking for headers that jump out at me CSR Problems, CSR Praise, Sanya-wan, you're our only hope, etc. I'm specifically looking for customer service issues, players who have exhausted our system and are still not happy. If there's anything I can do, I do it. Next I take a spin through the various websites. I read any Camelot-related articles, and check out the top threads on about a dozen different message boards. I pass on whatever material I gather to the people in a position to take some action. After that I go through the feedback forms and the rest of the email. I'm looking for trends, patterns, top requests, major complaints, and so forth. I forward the most popular questions to the right people, and hope they are answers I can post. Sometimes I sacrifice little origami animals to increase the odds that I will be able to post the answers. Then I work on (projects.) This can be anything from putting a (top twenty requested features) list together, to discussing a new Herald feature, to working on my E3 schedule, to fansite Q&As. This is all barring some kind of crisis, which do seem to turn up with astonishing regularity. And of course, all bets are off on patch day :)

Things haven't changed at all since I started, really. Other than my email volume grows every day!

Lepidus: Will you be heading to E3? If so, will it be possible for the average fan walking through to track you down?

Sanya Thomas: Yup! Wouldn't miss it for anything. Last year I had a blast, even if I didn't actually get to leave the Mythic cubicle. I cruised the floor for an hour, and then met players and web reporters for the rest of the show. It is absolutely possible for attendees to track me down but I expect my schedule will be pretty booked. If you're going, you need to contact me so we can make an appointment to get together. You can always walk by and see if I had a cancellation. I don't know if we're going to have a display of any kind, but our media hangout will be in West Hall.