Icewind Dale II Version 2.01 Patch Released

The guys at Black Isle Studios let us know that they've officially released the v2.01 patch for Icewind Dale II. Here's a list of what the patch fixes:


    - Added a new character script, "Fighter Generic", which acts very similar to Fighter Aggressive, but does NOT do weapon switching.
    - Added new powerful armor into stores and random treasure tables in the later portion of the game.


    - Added retries to help those who are having problems with random assertion message crashes in "chdatatypes.cpp" and other spots where assertion messages come up during loading.
    - Fixed crash problem with Glyph of Warding spell on Kyro-based video cards.
    - Fixed crash when viewing the inventory or choosing an appearance when using a Kyro-based video card.
    - Fixed problem with music not fading properly at the end of loading a level or save game.
    - Fixed a problem where some players could not continue into Day 4 in Dragon's Eye.
    - Fixed problem with only one Protection from Electricity effect ever being applied to the player in the Chamber of Sorcery.
    - Fixed potential problem with completing quest to clear the River Caves of monsters for the Duergar.
    - Fixed problem with being able to permanently kill the Iron Monks in the Chamber of Battle.
    - Fixed a problem with blank screenshots showing up during auto-saved games.
    - Fixed a crash with viewing item descriptions in the Inventory when in 24-bit color mode.


    - Made a number of changes to various monster and NPC scripts (in part to fix problems with exploitation of Otliuke's Resilient Sphere).
    - Fixed unlimited XP bug with Drothan's dialog.
    - Nickademus is no longer a game-critical character when the player returns to the Ice Temple after Dragon's Eye.
    - Modified Toral's dialog to include Cleric of Bane responses.
    - Fixed potential cutscene hang with Venomin in Dragon's Eye.


    - Charm: Fixed problem with animals always being charmed even if you leave an an area and return.
    - Disguise: Fixed crash bug when loading a save game with a player that has the Disguise effect (the most common problem occurring from robes) and having a shield in Weapon Combo 1, and a crossbow or bow as the currently selected weapon.
    - Eagle's Splendor: Necromancers can now scribe Eagle's Splendor into their spellbooks.
    - Energy Drain: Fixed a problem with people who died with Energy Drain active, causing the game to become more and more sluggish, particularly in multiplayer. This was reported when using the Scimitar of Souls/Soulless.
    - Improved Invisibility: Fixed reported problems with Improved Invisibility not always providing a targeting circle after an attack is made.
    - Lingering Song: Benefits from Lingering Song no longer apply to neutrals and enemies.
    - Tensor's Transformation now disables spell buttons instead of removing them.
    - Fixed a number of problems with incorrect saving throw types and DC's on a variety of spells.


    - Fixed a problem with the user interface switching back to level 1 spells when selecting spells while certain other effects were active.
    - Fixed crash when selling unidentified items in bags to store keepers.
    - Fixed random crash/lockup when clicking on the World Map.
    - Fixed a problem with keyboard shortcuts not always working for "Equip Melee" and "Equip Ranged"
    - Fixed problem with Clerics who level up as Sorcerers or Bards not being able to select spells that overlap their domain spells.


    - Fixed problem with purchasing certain stackable items and only receiving one of a particular stack instead of the entire stack and still paying full price.
    - Fixed problem with stacks of multiple items purchased in stores being reduced to the single item price if the player sells an item before hitting the 'Buy' button.
    - Lyre of Progression: Still goes into the Shield slot, but no longer causes penalties to spell casting, attack rolls, or skills.
    - Made statistic and descriptions changes to a big number of items throughout the game.


    - Fixed a problem where rolling a natural 20 was still not permitting a player to hit a monster that had AC far greater than the player's normal ability to hit.
    - Bards now correctly use Charisma modifier for spell DC's instead of Intelligence.
    - Fixed problem with equipped items that enhance saving throws interfering with Paladin's bonuses to saving throws.
    - Fixed half-save problem with Improved Evasion feat when failing a save.
    - Racial modifiers are now only applied after Character Creation is completed (fixes problem with racial modifiers being added to a character when selecting a race and almost completing Character Creation, and then going back and changing it to another race).
    - Fixed problem with incorrect Turn Undead calculation of multiclassed Paladins and Clerics.


    - Fixed problem with Hide() command not being reset for scripts. This should fix rogue-based scripts that are intended to automatically hide a rogue.