Icewind Dale II Ships

Good news, Icewind Dale fans! Interplay has announced that Icewind Dale II has been shipped to retail, meaning you'll probably see the game on store shelves in a day or two. Check it out:

    IRVINE, California, August 27, 2002 - Interplay Entertainment Corp. (NasdaqSC:IPLY), announced today that the highly anticipated Icewind Dale(tm) II has shipped to retail.

    Icewind Dale II is the sequel to the award-winning computer role-playing game Icewind Dale and features the BioWare Infinity Engine(tm) that was used to develop the award-winning games Baldur's Gate(tm) and Baldur's Gate II (developed by BioWare Corp.), and Planescape(r): Torment(tm) (developed by Black Isle Studios). Icewind Dale II uses the third edition core rules for the classic Dungeons & Dragons(r) tabletop roleplaying game within the popular FORGOTTEN REALMS(r) adventure campaign setting under licenses by Wizards of the Coast. The game hosts a large variety of new weapons, armor and magical items, and expands upon the gameplay elements found in the original Icewind Dale. Icewind Dale II offers feats and skills such as Power Attack and Diplomacy, further extending the character customization options available to players. Also introduced in Icewind Dale II are new character classes such as the Barbarian and Sorcerer and new playable races including the Drow, the famous dark elves of the Underdark, and the celestial hybrid Aasimar. Icewind Dale II includes over 50 new spells such as Executioner's Eyes and Aegis, bringing the total to over 300 spells, almost all of which have been revamped for the new rule set.

Unfortunately, I'm heading out of town until Tuesday, so I'm going to miss a good weekend of game time. I'll definitely be picking up a copy when I get back, though.