Dungeon Siege Tool Kit Released

I already reported on this a couple of days ago, but here's the official press release that was issued earlier today:

    Create New Fantasy Worlds With the Dungeon Siege Tool Kit

    Microsoft Game Studios and Gas Powered Games today announced that the Dungeon Siege Tool Kit is now available for download. The Dungeon Siege Tool Kit grants gamers the freedom to rework nearly every aspect of the Dungeon Siege world, making this best-selling title not only a game, but also a platform for those who wish to create their own spells, dungeons, and even their own entire worlds.

    The Dungeon Siege Tool Kit contains the Siege Editor, the same editor used by Gas Powered Games to create Dungeon Siege; and Siege Max, a custom-created gmax game pack that allows gamers to create new terrain, buildings, dungeons, creatures, players, weapons, armor and more. In conjunction with the release of the Dungeon Siege Tool Kit, five more Siege University tutorials have been made available, bringing the total number of tutorials to 28. For more information about the Dungeon Siege Tool Kit and Siege University visit http://www.dungeonsiege.com/su.shtml.