Icewind Dale II Preview @ RPGDot

The guys at RPGDot let us know that they've made a preview of Icewind Dale II available for your viewing pleasure. An excerpt to follow:

    There are a lot more options for customizing your characters with the update to the 3rd edition. You can choose from many more different races, such as Tiefling, Gold Dwarf, Shield Dwarf, Moon Elf, Drow, etc. for a total of 16, each with their own adavantages and disadvantages. There are also additional sub-classes for rangers, wizards, clerics and paladins, giving a total of 30 to choose from. You can also further customize your characters as they gain levels by choosing from 16 skills and 75 feats. All the old character pictures and voices from IWD and its expansion are here to choose from along with a full set of new ones. Of course, if you don't like spending the time to create your characters, you can choose from 5 pre-made parties that will allow you to jump into the game quickly.