Icewind Dale II Preview

The guys at HomeLan have put together their preview of Icewind Dale II, once again based upon the press copy of the game. Check it out:

    The adventure begins when the party arrives via sailing ship at the docks of Targos and immediately have to deal with the goblin hordes who are running rampant throughout the dock area. Your party has to purge the Targos docks of the goblins and begin to find out what's causing all this commotion. One interesting aspect at the start of the game is the fact that your party's weapons and armor are not really adequate against the invasion and they are urged to pick up weapons that were left behind by some of the more unfortunate victims of the goblins. Once the goblins are dealt with, your party begins some of its side quests, including engaging an NPC in a drinking game at the town's tavern The Salty Dog in order to gain access to a wolf charm.