Dungeon Siege Site Update

Gas Powered Games' official Dungeon Siege website has been updated an update on their progress for the Dungeon Siege and Siege Editor v1.09.2 Betas. According to their update, both betas will be released in a week or two and will have the following additional features:

    Dungeon Siege v1.09.2 Beta:

    • More ZoneMatch enhancements
    • Displacer state-saving using new quest bits in skrit
    • The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is now modifiable using skrit
    • Many new exports for skrit
    • More robust modification interoperability with Dungeon Siege
    • Veteran and Elite modes updated

    Siege Editor v1.09.2 Beta:

    • Many stability, usability, and functionality fixes
    • Quest chapter editor updates
    • Conversation editor updates