Dungeon Siege Beta Update

Microsoft and Gas Powered Games have released Dungeon Siege Update Beta v1.09B. Keep in mind that this is a BETA update and not final and it may still have some problems. Check out the Official Site of the game for more information about the update. For those of you who are interested in testing this update, you can fill out their feedback form. Here is what you can see fixed:

    • Fixed all known Journal update issues related to quests.
    • Fixed all known content placement issues such as inaccessible containers and "floating" objects.
    • Increased game performance in several low-performance areas.
    • Resolved all known issues with end bosses.
    • Fixed all known fading issues.
    • Updated ZoneMatch user interface and improved ZoneMatch functionality and performance.
    • Resolved issues with sounds cutting out.
    • Fixed problem with 5.1 speaker setups getting reset to 2 speakers when enabling EAX.
    • Added safety to prevent the game from starting if critical resource files are missing.
    • Added retry code that enables you to attempt to recover from unstable hardware causing corruption in data that is loaded from hard disk.
    • Moved screen shots into their own \Screen Shots subdirectory.
    • Added new command line options:
    noalttab=true, prevents task switching during gameplay.
    nowinkeys=true, disables the Windows keys (supported on Windows 2000 and Windows XP only).
    user_path=, specifies where the user files go (rather than \My Documents\Dungeon Siege).
    Other path-related command line options are: keys_path, map_paths, mod_paths, res_paths, save_path, and shots_path.
    • Fixed the issue of a missing or moved "My Documents" folder causing problems.
    • Improved many error messages to include more information to better help diagnose hardware configuration problems.