Dungeon Siege Mod Selector

The guys from N.E.W.S.T. let us know that they've released a new program called the Dungeon Siege Mod Selector that will allow fans of the game to switch between the various MODs available on the net. Here are the full details, straight from my inbox:

    This app will make it a lot easier to choose between various mods currently in use by fans of the game everywhere. It will allow you to activate or deactivate certain mods so you wont have to keep moving files around on your hard drive. This is a public beta, and we would like feedback on how well it works as well as any improvements anyone would like to see before the final release. Hopefully this will give everyone just a little more time to play the game as they wont have to worry about switching between mods anymore.

    Download from : http://www.newst.org/downloads.cgi
    Tech Support Issues: http://www.newst.org follow the forum link