Dungeon Siege Website Update

Gas Powered Games' Darren Baker stopped by their official Dungeon Siege website to let everyone know that both the Dungeon Siege Tool Kit and a v1.1 patch are being worked on and that early versions of each will be available this coming Friday. Here's a rip from the site:

    I would like to take a few moments to bring everyone up to date on what Gas Powered Games is working on now. Two of our current projects are the update for Dungeon Siege (v1.1 update) and the Dungeon Siege Tool Kit (DSTK). The feedback we have received from all of you via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. has been very helpful in assisting us in the resolution of many difficult bugs.

    Before we release the final v1.1 update, we are releasing the current candidate publicly in a "beta" form, v1.09B. We think getting this beta out for initial testing early will go a long way to making the v1.1 update a solid one. Although releasing a beta will delay the final update, we feel that the increased stability and polish on the update is worth the delay.

    Our scheduled date for releasing the beta of the v1.1 update is this Friday, May 10th, barring unforeseen circumstances. We will keep you updated on the progress of the beta as Friday draws closer; be sure to stay tuned to DungeonSiege.com for more information.

    The other project that is drawing close to release is the Dungeon Siege Tool Kit. Currently, the DSTK consists of several components: the Siege Editor, Siege University, and a variety of supporting tools and documentation. We are planning on releasing the first version of the Siege Editor, as well as "Siege U 100" (the first set of tutorials for SE), on this Friday, May 10th, as well.