Dungeon Siege Review @ AVault

The latest Dungeon Siege review can be found over at the Adrenaline Vault, where they've ranked the game 3 of 5 stars. An excerpt to follow:

    Before the game begins, you are given the opportunity to customize the look of your main avatar -- the only character you get to design from the ground up. Customization options include choosing your character's gender, head, hairstyle, skin tone and clothing. Dungeon Siege sports only four skills, each of which is linked to one of the four attack types; all advancement is based on the use of those skills. The more your characters attack with melee weapons, the higher their melee skill will increase and the more damage your characters will deal out. In addition to the four skills, each character has three attributes: strength, intelligence and dexterity. Like skills, attributes are increased through battle, and at higher levels offer access to better weapons and armor, more mana for spells, and bonuses to armor and bow accuracy.