Dungeon Siege vs. Diablo II

The guys over at PlanetDiablo have written up a comparison between Diablo II and Gas Powered Games' recently released Dungeon Siege. Of course, they're a bit biased =), but it makes for a pretty good read regardless:

    NPCs: This is where I find that Dungeon Siege really adds value. The ability to meet NPCs (Non Player Characters) along the way and add [certain ones] to your party is great! They include not only the ones you can adventure with, but the ones you can meet in town, in the woods, in broke down farmsteads, and many other locations. They are all over the place and serve to really make the storyline good. The ones that can join your party are also a very nice touch. It allows you to specialize your skills and allow others to fill in the gaps. Overall, DS has much better NPC quality.