Dungeon Siege Preview

Dungeon Siege Center has written up a preview of Dungeon Siege, based upon the press copy that has been floating around the internet as of late. Here's a snippet:

    A plot needs somewhere to happen, and this aspect of Dungeon Siege is possibly one of the greatest parts of the game. The world is stunning. You control the camera by moving the mouse where you want the camera to be and you can zoom right in close or zoom far back and still be greeted with a massive level of detail and beautiful graphics and artwork. As artwork goes, Dungeon Siege is absolutely top notch. When you zoom right in you can clearly see the face of your character and even the buttons on your shirt, When you zoom right out you can see an expansive panorama that seems to lose no detail at all, no matter how far you go. There is a large variety of environments, but my personal favourite are the Ice Caverns. The walls seem to shimmer with crystalline radiance while the dramatic lighting effects produced by magic spells is reflected back and twisted into many angles. A big pat on the back to the art team for an excellent job well done.