Dungeon Siege Multiplayer Report

GameSpy rings in the new week with a first look at the Multiplayer Aspect of GPG's Dungeon Siege. I thought it was very interesting that the multiplayer world is different from and in fact much larger than the single player game. Here's another bit of interest, especially for powergamers:

After players have advanced though the entire Utraean Peninsula there is another dimension of gameplay that can make for a whole new experience. The host of the multiplayer session can select veteran and elite modes of play. The veteran mode is available to characters with a minimum level of 54, and elite requires a minimum level of 83. Entering the Utraean Peninsula as a veteran will be greatly different than playing at the regular level. Stores will carry higher levels of goods, treasure will be drastically improved, slaying monsters will be a great deal more difficult, and new strategies will need to be devised. Players can also find fantastically powerful spells that aren't available in the single-player campaign.