Where Did Apple's Performance Go?

This is strictly not RPG related, but I thought many of you might be interested. I came across this article today while browsing the net. Apparently Apple's boasts of their G4 processor are missing the reality mark by quite a long way. Here's something to get you started, and I know this will be controversial... otherwise I wouldn't have posted it:

As of this morning, thirty one entries have been submitted to the SPEC performance list for the year so far. But if you're wondering why Apple hasn't yet dispatched its latest "workstation class" G4 hardware for examination by the council, in what is the industry's most respected set of benchmark tests, C't has the answer.

The German tech bible has put the latest dual G4s through the SPEC CPU2000 processor benchmark, and the results make dismal reading for hardcore Apple loyalists. C't found that the RISC-based machines running OS X fall severely short of expectations, being bested in the floating point tests by an eighteen month old Pentium III-based machine.