Icewind Dale II Development Update

Doug Avery, Associate Producer for Icewind Dale II, gave a quick development update on the official IWD2 website. Included in his update are some new screenshots (which I've mirrored here) and a portrait of a female Drow. Here ya go:

    Hello all. Here's a quick update on what we're doing around here. At the end of last week we selected our ads so you should be seeing those in your favorite gaming pubs soon. I have been harassing my Q.A. team to take hordes of screenshots so you should be seeing a lot more of them around too (check out 4 new screens here). All of the producers and some of the designers are answering questions from the various journalists out there. Darren is helping out with the programming too. I have been busy with marketing and PR and working with Q.A. Kevin is keeping busy with the buglist and trying to make everyone's job a little easier. This is all in addition to combing the message boards every day looking for suggestions and putting out any fires as they come up. The new interface is coming along very nicely and Brian Menze is redoing all of our spell icons to match up with the changes being made. The area designers are almost finished with the final areas in the game and most are concentrating on bug fixing and polishing up anything that needs it. Justin Sweet is working on our new portraits (you can see one of them on the website under Visuals\Portraits). Everyone else is really pushing to get the game finished to make our deadline. It looks like we're finally approaching the home stretch. Unfortunately that also means "crunch time" is just around the corner. Time for the caffeine I.V. Talk to you all soon.