Dungeon Siege Preview

Another Dungeon Siege preview has surfaced over at GamesDomain, once again based upon the press copy. Here's a little snip to get you started:

    The environments to explore in the beta varied from green countryside to snowy mountain peaks, along with the usual underground mines, cellars, crypts and dungeons. As touted, there isn't a load screen to be seen anywhere, which, although meant a lot more when it was first announced in the pre-Diablo 2 days, is still an incredible achievement when you consider how large the entire game world is and you never even feel your hard drive chugging as it caches ahead - of course, jerking slightly because of your 3D card/processor struggling to keep up with the visuals won't be unusual. Talking of which, the graphics are lovely, for once looking fantastic zoomed out and up close. Outdoor environments are lush and detailed, with animated trees and plant life; indoors prove just as detailed with nicely textured walls, floors and tons of miscellaneous, yet perfectly recreated objects strewn around.