Dark Age of Camelot Preview

There's a lengthy, well-written preview of Dark Age of Camelot posted up over at Games Domain, shedding light on virtually every aspect of the game's strengths and weaknesses. Here's an excerpt:

    One thing that should draw the crowds is the potential and reality of castle, keep and dungeon sieges. Having to destroy the doors to enter an enemy keep means that siegecraft is essenital to success. Imagine counter-battery fire from ballistas on the walls, raids from postern gates, infiltrators sneaking in to open the gates by stealth, volley fire from massed archers and house-to-house melee fighting as your warband breaches the outer wall and fights into the last central tower. This sort of encounter will be fairly commonplace and doesn't require huge numbers of gamers - a really substantial battle can take place with a single warband (24 players) on each side. Keep defense is also easier than attack and even a single group of 8 players may well hold off many more attackers if they have the right tools and tactics. This sort of encounter makes the levelling treadmill worthwhile.