Dark Age of Camelot Preview

Gamer's Pulse has written up a preview of Mythic Entertainment's upcoming Dark Age of Camelot. As usual, here's a snip:

    A pleasant surprise for me was the diversity of the three realms. Sure, there are quite similar classes, spells, and enemies, but there is also a significant amount of diversity. First of all there is the fact that the races are different, not only amongst players but also amongst townsfolk. You won't find a Kobold merchant in Hibernia, nor will you find any Saracen trainers in Midgard. Secondly, while there are similar enemies, they do not seem to be identical. A young Troll Viking in Midgard will find himself hacking at wildlings and vein spiders, while a Highland Acolyte will probably start out attacking spirit wolves and rather large unpleasant worker ants. This remains largely true as adventurers gain in levels, though some creatures share the same model.