Dungeon Siege @ GenCon

GameSpy has taken a look at the Dungeon Siege presentation at this year's GenCon gaming convention and posted a report of what they learned. The article reveals some new information, such as the following:

    One of the things I liked the best was the way potions are handled. In most games, if you drink a potion, you drink the entire bottle whether you need it or not. In Dungeon Siege, you drink what you need, and if you have anything left over, you save it for the future. If the potion heals 50 hit points and you only need 25, you only drink half the bottle. There's no waste. You can also heal by using life shrines, which look pretty cool. There may be times when you are attacked while using a life shrine, which I hear is fun because you don't take any damage that way.

Along with the report, there are a couple of new screenshots as well, including a picture of the woman that played the game's "Farm Girl" at the presentation.