Dark Age o' Camelot Time Phased Screens

The official site, DarkAgeofCamelot.com released 4 screens of Castle Camelot taken at different times of the day to show off their newly implemented dynamic colored lighting routines.

On a tangent:
I wonder how many of us have, in a game like this or EQ or Asheron's call... thought, "...wouldn't it be great to live in that world?" ...giants roaming the plains, nothing but the breeze and nature in the world to worry about... except for yourself of course. It's just simply a matter of social encounters and survival, just like in our hunter and gatherer days. Of course this game takes it a step further with weapons, politics and some medieval technology, but in general it's the same feeling. Ah well, if we ever advance far enough (without killing ourselves off) we'll get to have that experience on other planets sometime, again.