Dungeon Siege Interview

GameSpy has the latest interview with Chris Taylor, lead designer of the upcoming Dungeon Siege from Gas Powered Games. Along with the interview, they've posted up a couple of awesome looking screenshots. Here's one of the questions:

    GameSpy: Do you think comparisons will be drawn to Diablo II? How does Dungeon Siege differ?

    Chris Taylor: Oh sure, at first that comparison is very likely to happen. Dungeon Siege has a much different focus with the multi-character parties, the skill based class system, and the huge seamless world. We have also introduced a strategic element into the combat and have opened up our world to include some really fantastic and bizarre things that only a fully 3D game would enable us to do. Another big difference is the handcrafted world we have created by toiling over every dungeon, town, and outdoor vista... we have built the world to be as fantastic as our imaginations and technology would allow.