Buck's Back / Question of the Day

Well, I'm back from Spring Break and am going through the gazillion emails in my inbox. For all of you that have submitted information or strategies, please be patient while I sort through them all. To keep you occupied, I'm pleased to present our first BG2 "Question of the Day" straight from Doug Avery, producer of both Baldur's Gate II and its upcoming expansion, Throne of Bhaal:

    GameBanshee: Heart of Winter brought Icewind Dale a variety of enhancements, such as higher resolution settings, more details during combat (amount of damage resisted, etc), and the Heart of Fury mode. Aside from new equipment, spells, and monsters, what enhancements can we expect to see to the original Baldur’s Gate II after installing Throne of Bhaal? Will some of these enhancements only be available to those who play BG2 from the beginning again (such as new equipment at NPC merchants)?

Doug gives a good rundown of what enhancements to expect right here.