Dungeon Siege Dollup Drenches

Hats off (using one of Ann Lander's fav. phrases... if I had to you know) to the many gaming sites who, from the recent Microsoft GameStock event, gathered all sorts of intelligence, hands-on and screen snaps for the people (including us... this year at least) who weren't invited of Gas Powered Games action/strategy/RPG Dungeon Siege.

First up is a mini hands-on from GameSpot which discusses the char. creation and seamless world among other things. Here's some snippage:

There are absolutely no load times in Dungeon Siege once the player is on the field map. Players can travel in and out of dungeons and homes seamlessly as they move freely through the world map. Playing the game we were able to walk through and out of caves, walk into dungeons that were basement structure as part of a large house, and traverse miles upon miles of the game's 3D worlds. The world also expands on a vertical axis, as players can fall off bridges and cliffs. Weather effects such as real-time rain and snow add yet another element of realism to the Dungeon Siege world. The dungeon maps are built in real-time as the player progresses through these chasms and the map is easily accessible.

Definitely a game of the future. Next is a short blurb from GSpot about the basic overview of the game. Expect to finish that page in less than a minute.

Now come the gorgeous screenshots and that is perhaps an understatement... though I've seen better from the game. In three doses, select from the following or select all, it's your call: