Dungeon Siege Pleasure Preview

It's one of those games in development with unreal graphics and a unique perspective on gameplay, Gas Powered Games' action/ fantasy/ RPG Dungeon Siege. If Baldur's Gate II had the kind of ultra-detailed polygon graphics that this game does (as you will see) while retaining the same gameplay, it would in my mind be the best game yet made. Not that the graphics are shabby, they are wonderful... but there's something special about highly detailed 3D graphics as opposed to static 2D rendered... that actual being-there feeling.

Actiontrip has been feature heavy these past few weeks, and again they've worked in a Dungeon Siege Preview with screens that need to be seen to understand just how good it looks (particularly here, here, and here). Here's a sprinkle from the preview:

So far we know that there are about eighty types of monsters, and there's no telling how many there will be when the development comes to an end this summer. Some interestingly convincing AI points have been revealed, like the fact that the monsters can sometimes take the weapon of a dead party member and go hide somewhere with it, so then you have to hunt down that monster and re-possess that great weapon.