Dark Age of Camelot Mammoth Tour

Though still in beta and with many features yet to implement, the initial impressions of the MMORPG set in the fabled Albion, Dark Age of Camelot, are quite positive from the testers. Many have already lost their real lives at this early phase and have set up eBay accounts in anticipation. =) The addicts at GamesDomain have put together a gigantic tour of DAoC (nearly as big as the Gilligan-sized 3 hour variety), for our curious and aesthetic (many pictures too) enjoyment. It's the largest I've yet seen, and is very well done. Here's some borrowed letters they put together in a way we can all understand:

Avalon Marsh (Belgae):

The marshes of Avalon extend from the hills of eastern Cornwall to the very edges of Avalon City and the enchanted forest of Campocorentin to the north. Avalon was founded as the city of magic and perhaps this proximity to magic has stirred the local wildlife into unusual forms. Despite tall towers and keeps throughout the marshes, the numerous small island and inlets are home to "Wild Bog men", "Mud Golems" and "Strangling Vines". Beautiful old roman pillars can be seen sinking into the marsh pools hinting at the long history of this area and a magnificent roman road runs above the bogs and fens, patrolled by the Guardians of Avalon.

Very proseworthy indeed. You can also view 9 new screenshots at the CamelotHQ. I'll admit, though very EverQuesty in the graphical department, this game does look smoother and somewhat better (the landscapes mainly).