Dungeon Siege Peek

The absolutely phenomenal-looking game in the works by Gas Powered Games, the RPG set to come out in 2001, Dungeon Siege, is featured in a short preview at RPGetc.com. I nearly forgot how great this game looks... check out one of the screenshots that follow up the preview. Gorgeous. A little dab'll do ya:

Dungeon Siege allows the formation of parties of up to ten characters, but as with all RPG's more people equals less experience. So it is a viable tactic to have one super strong character or a party of moderate strength hero's.

There are three character types in the game; the warrior, the archer, and the sorcerer. In dungeon siege there are no set character types, instead each character can choose what skills to improve, so it is possible to have a warrior-mage or a sorcerer-archer.