Dark Age of Camelot Beta Binge

Everyone's taking turns giving their impressions from the beta test of the MMORPG that looks uncannily like EQ in Arthurian Times with their own rules (from the character creation screen to the character graphics to the sitting on the ground, to the names over the head, to the quick spell list on the left, to the monsters, and so on and so on... not that this is a bad thing! Quite contrary...), the MMORPG Dark Age of Camelot. Computer Games Online is taking its turn with a new preview and 14 new snaps at the end. It's a good read if you're unfamiliar with DAoC or looking to brush up on your MMORPG lore. Here's a feather dusting:

One major concern for this style of game is convenience. Mythic plans to implement faster—but limited—means of travel that will be available to all classes. This includes horses and restricted teleportation abilities. Other convenience factors include a quest journal that is used both as a PvP record sheet and, well, a quest journal. Another possibility is a counter that keeps track of your monster kills.

Apparently the way DAoC happened, was that a die-hard EQ player had a dream one night, and like all nights, dreampt about the wonderful world of Norrath... only this time, he was killing a traitorous ex-guildmate who had switched guilds. When he woke up, he wrote the dream down, started pondering and came up with the idea of DAoC that very day. ...or something like that. =) Okay, maybe not at all like that. To quote from the band The Beautiful South: "I made this whole story up."