Arcanum Impressions

Looking somewhat like a combination between Fallout and the old Origin RPG based off of Ultima VI, Martian Dreams, the Arcanum Beta has begun. Now, I should qualify that remark. In no way does the game look as bad as Martian Dreams by today's standards, it just has that old 1800's colonial look. And to kick off a new era of information about Arcanum, RPGVault kicks off with some of their beta impressions from the game. A crumb:

The core design goals of Arcanum include allowing players to create unique characters that can be role-played in a variety of ways, with the game experience being affected by your choices. Accordingly, the game is intended to be playable with a widely divergent range of characters and playing styles including but not limited to melee fighters, gunfighters, magic-users, technologists, gamblers, thieves and diplomats. Although it is impossible to assess how well this objective is met without playing a variety of characters and styles, the character creation process does indeed provide tremendous scope.

Good news, that.