Gamedec Gameplay Footage

Gamedec, Anshar Studios’ upcoming adaptive cyberpunk RPG, will have you hopping between a number of virtual worlds as you solve all sorts of crimes and mysteries. A while back, thanks to this developer diary, we had a chance to check out Harvest Time - one of the game’s worlds. And now, this Steam announcement directs us to an IGN video where the game’s head of production Magdalena Cielecka walks us through a case set in another virtual world - Twisted & Perverted. Check it out:

This is the news many of you wanted to hear - we give you the newest gameplay footage from Gamedec's second virtual world - Twisted & Perverted.

Join Magdalena Cielecka, our Head of Production, in a detective case to free the client's son from being held against his will in one of many virtual worlds.

See how the case is constructed, how many paths you can take, how to gain aspects through your actions, and unlock handy professions to always be ready for investigating.