Grim Dawn Grim Misadventure #169 - Frequently Infrequent

The latest “Grim Misadventure” development update for Crate Entertainment’s action-RPG Grim Dawn looks towards the upcoming update for the game and in particular, its new approach to rare monster loot. In short, the next big patch for the game will introduce a bunch of new rare gear and in the process will make said gear less rare and more useful. Here’s more on that:

Grim Misadventures reporting for duty!

Last time, we had a deep overview of everything now in-game with the release of v1.1.6.0 last month.

Today, we’re ready to talk about more of what’s still in store for Grim Dawn! Attention is now turning to V1.1.7.0 (and perhaps beyond? Hmm?).

We’ve dropped several hints over the past few months, of areas previously unexplored and domains left to conquer, but why stop there?

One aspect of the game we find ourselves going back to repeatedly is also one of the most fun, and yet also often frustrating. Monster Infrequents, as they’ve come to be called, are exciting to discover, but getting the affixes you need can put a drain on that joy. It’s not uncommon to see the phrase “just GDStash it” in the community.

There is a fine line between making a loot drop so common that it becomes boring and so rare that you’d rather just cheat it in, but we think that perhaps the game is a little too close to the “cheat” end of the spectrum right now.

To that end, we are making a number of changes to Monster Infrequents in v1.1.7.0 that should make getting them, especially while leveling, more exciting:

Reducing the Infrequency

First off, we are completely removing the chance to get a Monster Infrequent with just a Rare affix. Instead. In v1.1.7.0, all Monster Infrequents will drop with two affixes. In addition, we are increasing the chance of them rolling with at least one Rare affix, and significantly increasing the chance of dropping with two, making it a coveted TRIPLE rare. After all, you’re not just trying to get an ultra-rare drop. You’re also trying to get it with ideal affixes, and that’s perhaps a bit too much prayer to RNGesus.

Next in line, we are going to be doing another pass on Monster Infrequent balancing. We’ve done this in the past, but there are still Monster Infrequents that could use a bump for endgame purposes. The biggest changes probably come in the Necklace and Medal slots.

Monstrous Stats

In addition, we are bumping up stats on almost all Monster Infrequents at lower levels. While this has no impact for endgame, it will mean that getting a cool Monster Infrequent while you’re leveling a character will feel much more rewarding. Combined with the improved affix drop rates, you may end up with some potent Monster Infrequents on your leveling journey!


Next up, yes turns out this list just keeps on going, we are going back to many of our vanilla boss encounters. V1.1.6.0 started us on this path with Monster Infrequents for Ilgorr the Eternal and Lagoth’Ak Harbinger of Blood, but many bosses are still woefully lacking in unique drops. This was a standard we established with Ashes of Malmouth and carried forward with Forgotten Gods, but it is time that the base game is brought in line.

This is going to be huge for your loot hunt as we are adding 30, yes thirty, new Monster Infrequents to the game and finally giving you some incentive to hunt down those bosses you’ve probably forgotten about while running through the Korvan desert!

Modifying Vanilla

The last change we have in store took a lot of deliberation internally. Item Skill modifiers have become a staple of Grim Dawn with the release of Ashes of Malmouth. They are such a core mechanic now that it feels wrong not to introduce players to them sooner. As such, with v1.1.7.0, we are going to be shifting Monster Infrequent skill modifiers as a feature to the base game, rather than exclusively a part of expansions.

Many players are still discovering Grim Dawn for the first time, and we want to make sure that they experience all the aspects of what makes character building in Cairn so enticing and rewarding.

With all this on the horizon, we think it’s safe to say that v1.1.7.0 will be the Monster Infrequent patch!