The Iron Oath Update #46 - Management UI and Monster Design

The developers over at Curios Panda have put together a new Management UI for their upcoming gritty turn-based RPG The Iron Oath, and the latest Kickstarter update for the game shows it off in a developer-narrated video. Since the video is not available on YouTube, you'll have to check out the update itself to watch it. And while you're there, you'll also be able to watch a number of timelapse videos for some of the game's monsters.

Here are the text bits:

Hey everyone. We're a couple days late, but our August update is here! With our management UI implemented in the game we decided that a walk through video of its functionality would be something you might be interested in. We still need to do another polish pass or two on it (skinning some pop-ups, aligning certain elements) but for now it's at least functional and presentable :)

Please forgive the cuts in the video haha, I tried to do it in one take but couldn't manage it without screwing up! Also, since the placeholder item icons are pulled from another game, we decided it was best to blur them out, so apologies for that messy look! As mentioned, once more features are in a state that we're comfortable sharing, we plan to make some similar videos to cover them.

Moving on, Rafael has pumped out a few more fully animated enemies this month that we're very happy with! Here is a look at the Deathlord, who may look familiar. This was one of the first enemies I designed and partially animated, but hadn't gotten around to completing. Rafael did a great job finishing it off :)

Continuing with the art, I've spent a good chunk of time this past month designing some more enemies, and recorded a few timelapses of the process. I also realized I hadn't shared the Nullbeast timelapse that I recorded a while ago, so I threw that in as a bonus.


That wraps it up for this month! Before going, we did want to share some camera effects that we recently started fiddling around with. It's not something we'll use for every action in combat, but for things like critical strikes and deathblows we think it adds a little extra something :) Let us know your thoughts! And of course, effects such as these would be entirely optional and you could turn them off if you wish. Thanks for reading!