Dauntless - Zephyr Strike Content Update Live

Zephyr Strike, the latest content update for Phoenix Labs' co-operative action-RPG Dauntless, along with the usual fixes and improvements introduces the game's first faction fight event, revamps the Patrol Chest system, adds a number of new cosmetic options and a couple of new weapon specials. It's also accompanied by a new season of the game's Hunt Pass. You can find the complete patch notes here. There's also this quick promotional trailer:

And its longer version:

Here's a bit about the new event:


Starting on August 22, 2019, High Skies: Zephyr Strike will brighten Ramsgate’s horizons with neon hair tints, our first-ever Faction Fight, and fifty new levels of Hunt Pass prizes! This update also improves the Patrol Chest system and introduces a new breed of Trials fauna: styxians.


Endurance Squad takes on Defiance Squad in our first-ever Dauntless #FactionFight! Choose a side, equip a sigil, and earn points for your team with every hunt. At the end of two weeks, the winning faction’s lantern will be added to the store … for free.

The second-place team’s lantern will be available in the store as well, but for a price. That means that if you want your faction’s lantern for free, you’ll need to work for it.


Once 0.9.2 is live, you’ll be able to join the #FactionFight from the in-game store.
  • Open the Store and navigate to the Faction Fight tab.
  • Select the Discount for the side you want to support.
  • Hit the Claim Reward button to finalize your choice. This will give you 25% off that faction’s Style Kit and the two sigils you need to participate in #FactionFight.
  • Equip a sigil from the Personality menu.
  • Earn one point for every hunt you complete with your faction’s sigil equipped. (Bonus: Equip a hair tint from a faction’s Style Kit to earn an extra point per hunt for that faction!)
Choosing a side gets you a discount good for 25% off a faction’s Style Kit, so you can fully rep your favourite squad with neon hair tints and armour dyes. Each Style Kit also includes a banner fabric, banner plant, helm transmog, and more! Can’t decide between neon green and electric pink? No need to. While you can only get one discount, you can always buy the second Kit at its normal price.