Phoenix Point Development Update - The Science of Synedrion

The latest development update for Snapshot Games' Phoenix Point shares a few pieces of concept art and talks about the game's high-tech Synedrion faction, its soldiers and technology. Get ready for drones, mine launchers, and a general futuristic aesthetic. Here are the text parts:

Future Updates

All of the elements we’ve been working on for the last 3 years are bearing fruit, and as we bring everything together we’re going to be posting these development updates on a more regular basis. Because of this, they’ll likely be shorter than previous updates, but they should each contain plenty of exciting and interesting features that you’ll be able to get your hands on in the final release of Phoenix Point.

Synedrion Soldiers

In the previous update, we gave a first look at the Synedrion Infiltrator class. A quick reminder in case you missed it:

As the name suggests, the Infiltrator is a stealth class. Great for scouting the battlefield and getting up-close and personal with unsuspecting enemies.

The Infiltrator’s outfit doesn’t have room use for pockets, but he does carry a useful, multipurpose drone, slung over his back like a backpack.

Equipment in Phoenix Point can be customized and retooled for a variety of uses on the battlefield — with the proper research. The Synedrion drone is no exception, and has a variety of configurations, one being the Laser Drone:

As Synedrion are on the cutting edge of technology, and rely on their advanced tech to deal with the Pandoravirus threat. As such, they have some unique, and rather clever, weapons at their disposal. One such weapon is the mine launcher.

This handheld device can deploy a variety of different mines from a safe distance.

If you closely watched the character customization GIF posted in the previous update, you may have noticed a small glimpse of another Synedrion class. As some of you correctly deduced: this is the Synedrion Sniper.

One other class from the ranks of Synedrion which we haven’t yet shown is their Assault class:

The Disciples of Anu

We know that many of you have been eager to see the Disciples of Anu classes. We’ll be covering more about the Anu in a future update, but for now, here’s a sneak peek at a Disciples of Anu Assault armor.

Wrap up

We’re really excited with how everything is coming together for Phoenix Point, and we can’t wait to get the game into your hands so that you can start finding your own unique ways to deal with the Pandoravirus threat.

The team at Snapshot has a lot of work ahead of us, but have no doubt that we’re as passionate and driven as ever to make Phoenix Point an unforgettable experience.