Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Video Interview with Victoria Hogan

With Steam's summer sale in full swing, the folks over at Warhorse Studios have put together a 15 minute long video interview with Victoria Hogan, the actress who plays Theresa in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, in order to remind us about the recently released “A Woman's Lot” DLC for the historical RPG. Memorable moments, motion capture clips, and canine companions, it's all there. Check it out:

Theresa is the star of the new Kingdom Come: Deliverance DLC “A Woman’s Lot”. Watch Tobi and Victoria Hogan, the actress playing Theresa go through some of the most memorable scenes of the new DLC. The latest addition to KCD features a quest line with a playable female character, a new quest line with Henry and Johanka dealing with Heresy and a dog companion that quickly becomes your best buddy!