Breach - St. Patrick's Week Update

A new Early Access update is now live for QC Games' online brawler action-RPG Breach. The update improves the game's hit detection, deals with some minor issues, and kicks off a week of St. Patrick's Day celebrations. If you'd like to learn more about the game's development, you may want to check out this recent Twitch livestream, and here are the patch notes:

Our goal this week was optimizations and corrections, and as you may have heard on our most recent Developer Stream, we're mostly focused on ensuring Hero attacks actually hit their intended target with the correct amount of force, and improving FPS through such things such as a haircut to the Onryo. We know it may sound weird, but we all know how much better we all feel after a haircut, even enemies from another timeline.

Here's a little more specifics as to what we're adjusting this week, including our St Patty's Week bundle. Remember to purchase the new Headgear for just 1 gold!

Changes & Updates:
  • Added St Patty's Day Headgear, Outfit, Spray, and Emote. Please remember to purchase the Headgear first for just 1 Gold, to change the price of the outfit in the shop.
  • All players will have any empty Blue / Red Gem slots filled with free HP Gems, in order to get them off on the right foot. If a player did not have empty gem slots, and had not purchased HP gems, they have been added to their inventory. Finally, if a player already had the HP Gems, we have refunded their gold for that amount.
  • Corrected an issue with hit detection for weapon collision on both direct attacks and long-range projectiles. This applies to multiple Hero classes / schools.
  • Improved enemy health bars so they should more accurately depict the damage being done
  • Adjustments to some locations of destructible objects in Valley of Kings
  • Gave the Onryo and Satyr enemies a haircut, giving them a clean, fresh look, while improving rendering and FPS.
Known Issues:
  • The rewards for Veil Demon players winning a Co-op vs Player match early has improved with the win bonus applying regardless of duration, but we are still working on improving it beyond that.
  • Siphoning Skull's stun effect will sometimes end early.
  • Players may get caught in a longer load screen than expected when starting a match, and can hear a match starting in the background. This cannot be fixed by reconnecting, but the player will eventually connect within a few minutes
  • Some abilities are not tracking their score correctly on the in mission stat board, resulting in displaying lower than actual stat numbers