Torchlight Frontiers - Developer Livestream and New Leveling System

This year's first Torchlight Frontiers developer livestream shows off the latest iteration of this upcoming multiplayer action-RPG and introduces us to a number of recently added or revamped features, like the game's resolution-based UI, equipment-swapping statues, consumables tab, and its overhauled Frontier leveling system. Have a look:

And if you're interested in reading up on the new leveling system, you should check out this article on the game's website. A few sample paragraphs:

“Your equipment is fundamentally linked to your ability to progress, and having to choose between new combat skills versus better weapons and armor put an uncomfortable pressure on players. We originally thought it’d be an interesting decision to make as you progress, but our alpha testers let us know otherwise,” acknowledges Shawn, Senior Game Designer at Echtra Games.

During the first and second Closed Alpha players were presented with a choice between spending their Skill Points upgrading their weapon and armor levels or buying combat skills. In a way you were choosing whether to progress to higher-level areas (upgrading weapons and armor) or you were choosing to stay in the same areas but fight monsters using new combat skills. Additionally, just like CygAstro pointed out, you had to return to your Fort before you could use that shiny new gear.

The new system utilizes a familiar experience bar that steadily fills as you slay monsters and complete quests in a given Frontier. As you raise your Frontier level you’ll be able to equip gear of the equivalent level from that Frontier.

The old system also created a situation where players could farm Skill Points in one Frontier and spend them on armor and weapon upgrades in another. This ran counter to the philosophy of Horizontal Progression that Torchlight Frontiers is built around.

We want every Frontier in our world to be engaging. The early levels of a new Frontier should still offer challenges and immerse you in the adventure to be had there. That simply wouldn’t be the case if you could bypass content.