Phoenix Point - Backer Build Three Overview

The third backer build for Snapshot Games' Phoenix Point should be arriving in just a few days, on November 12, 2018. According to this post on the game's website, the new build will introduce some basic squad management mechanics along with a number of new environments, enemies and abilities. And on top of that, it will also allow the backers to tinker with the highly anticipated strategic Geoscape layer. Here's what you can expect from the Geoscape:

The Geoscape

According to our Twitter and Facebook surveys, the thing most of you have been waiting for. The Geoscape strategic layer is where everything comes together. We still have a lot of features and functionality to add, such as the events system, base management, research & development, but the basics are there to move from mission to mission.

On the Geoscape, you can explore the map to find scavenging sites, Havens, alien nests and abandoned Phoenix Project bases. You will be able to save and reload your progress from the Geoscape screen.

You will start with one base, one transport and a squad of 4, plus an Armadillo APC. You will have to carefully explore the points of interest on the map to discover the various different locations. Your transport only has a limited amount of fuel, affecting the distance it can travel. You can use resources to build refueling stations at certain locations to extend your range, or use resources for an emergency refueling. That latter is less expensive and useful if you have nowhere to build a refueling station, but it’s a one off boost. Plan your exploration wisely.

As you uncover the various locations around the map you will reveal scavenging sites which you can clear for resources. Faction and independent Havens which may come under attack. In the above image we can see an independent Haven being attacked. The closing circle around the Haven icon shows us which way the battle is currently going (in this case the Haven ais winning) and will tick down as the battle nears its conclusion. If you arrive there fast enough, you can help defend the Haven in exchange for resources and reputation.

You will also find new Phoenix Project bases which will increase your range and squad capacity, along with giving you another transport and allowing you to hire soldiers for the food resource.

Additionally, alien nests will start to spawn on the map if you wish to take the fight to the enemy!

Additionally, if you were looking forward to a Linux version of Phoenix Point, you should know that Linux is no longer supported by the developers. Check out this announcement for some details.