Pathfinder: Kingmaker Developer Q&A Video, Interview

If you'd like to know a bit more about the people working on the upcoming Pathfinder: Kingmaker cRPG, you can now watch a short video that's just the first part of a new developer Q&A series brought to us by the game's publishers at Deep Silver. The first installment asks the developers which game character they see themselves as, which results in some humorous replies, but it also shows us a few frames of gameplay and offers a glimpse at the game's spellbook. Check it out:

You may also be interested in this interview with Owlcat Games' Alexander Mishulin over at Expansive that goes over the game's crowdfunding campaign, the content that didn't make it into the final game, post-launch plans, and more. Here's a snippet:

You took a unique approach to Kickstarter in that the game was already funded and you opted to make it bigger. How was the Kickstarter process for you and did you fund everything you wanted to bring into the game?

Well, you can never fund everything you want in Kickstarter because the more money you have, the more things you can add to the game. You’re absolutely right, though, we had quite an unusual approach with Pathfinder: Kingmaker. We have the base game but as you know the Pathfinder universe is so huge. So Kickstarter was really a temptation for us, because when we were deciding what to cut from the game to meet the budget, it was difficult to know what to leave out. That’s why we ran for Kickstarter because the money we collected there has allowed us to create the game we really wanted to make.

Specifically the kingdom and the variety of the kingdom. This was included in the base game but the variety was funded by our backers.

Was there any dream-level content you really wanted to add in but didn’t quite manage to fund?

Well, we have fourteen classes in the game but there are dozens of them in the Pathfinder universe and each member of the team has a favourable class, archetypes and things like that. So they all want to add them into the game and right now we’re considering more classes, spells and abilities for the game as downloadable content.