Thea 2: The Shattering Update #24

A new Kickstarter update for MuHa Games' 4X/CCG/RPG hybrid Thea 2: The Shattering brings us up to speed with what the team's been up to over this summer, shares some new work-in-progress screenshots, talks about the team's Gamescom 2018 experiences, and reminds us about a playable demo/beta coming our way later this month.

Here are the text parts:

Hi everyone, firstly, huge apologies for the silence over the summer. We did have time off - well some of us worked throughout the holidays (yes, I am looking at you Khash!) and we all did a bit here and there, but we tried to take a couple of weeks off to rest our pretty brains and satisfy the family, we don't need any MuHa divorces, right?


Apart from that, we also had Gamescom 2018 in Cologne, which was awesome, made us push towards new features and went really well. But again, this was a lot of hard work and physical exhaustion on my part, so this is what rally threw the updates off schedule for me - again, sorry! But, as a reward for your patience, I am now recording a new playthrough, so I will show you a few new quests, and some new mechanics, like children growing up, character progression and fighting against concepts.

Coming soon

And of course, as promised, we are now working very hard to get you that playable demo/beta at the end of September, after the EGX Birmingham show. And once the game is out in early access in November, we will also try to push out additional KS rewards, like the bestiary, soundtrack and any artwork still in the works. I will post another update soon, once I have completed the playthrough. Thanks for your patience and continuing support!

All the best,

Yuuki and the MuHa Team