Divinity: Original Sin II - Definitive Edition Interview

A couple of Larian Studios' developers recently took part in an interview with Invision Game Community, where they talked about the upcoming Definitive Edition of Divinity: Original Sin II, the Larian team and their creative process, the possibility of new Divinity II-style games, and more. Check it out:

When it comes to the Team behind Larian Studios, what sort of backgrounds do they have or should I say come from?

We have all sorts of backgrounds here. Of course, some of us were already designers or programmers or writers before joining Larian (even as students) – but some others had unrelated jobs: some of our writers were journalists, some of our scripters and designers were scientists; researchers; some of us never even worked in the videogame industry before! But we were driven, all of us, to assemble, to unite our forces to make games, and that is what matters now.
– Edouard

That is an interesting mix of backgrounds, have to be honest, I never expected that.

On a personal level, I love Divinity: Original Sin 1 / 2, I also love Divinity 2, I played it loads and loved the action-packed game and story, will you ever come back to that genre? Or it too much of a risk?

We’re glad you loved it! I wouldn’t say its too much of a risk, but we’re enjoying making these types of rpgs right now. And the success of Divinity: Original Sin 2 is just showing more and more people that they like this type of game too. SO while we won’t rule anything out for the future, we think its fair to say that this type of RPG is growing its audience, and we’re not done with it yet.
– Kieron