Pathfinder: Kingmaker Update #56 - Physical Rewards

RPGs of old often came pre-packaged with elaborate manuals, cloth maps, and an assortment of physical goods. Owlcat Games' Pathfinder: Kingmaker aims to replicate that experience for their higher-tier backers by offering plenty of physical goods of their own, and the latest Kickstarter update provides a look at those. Since the update is mostly visual in nature, you should check it out on your own, but here's the text intro anyway:

Dear Pathfinders!

Digital distribution is great. When you want a new game in this day and age, it's usually just one click away, then you're instantly downloading it. No need to go to the shop, hope it's still in stock, queue up to pay, it's all nice and hassle-free. After all, if you want a glass of water, you don't get your jug and walk down to the village well. You turn on the tap.

With that in mind, some gamers do miss the physical side of the experience. Getting something you can touch and feel, something to remind you of and connect you to a game you care about, to bring back memories of adventures in a virtual realm. Some of us just like to have something in the real world that we can touch and that we associate with the games we love. Makes them feel a little more real.

This is why we offered physical rewards and add-ons to you, our backers. Those among you, who pledged for tiers, which include physical rewards may be wondering how these goodies are coming along. So today's update is dedicated to some of these sweet, sweet items you'll be getting. Let's have a look, shall we?