Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Beast of Winter DLC Released

Beast of Winter, the first chunk of story DLC for Obsidian Entertainment's pirate-themed RPG Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire has been released. If you're interested in dealing with some entropy cultists in a wintery locale, you can pick the DLC up on Steam or GOG for $9.99 or your regional equivalent. The DLC is accompanied by a new major patch and The Deck of Many Things, a free piece of minor DLC (Steam, GOG). You can check out the launch trailer right here.

Together with the DLC, Obsidian released a new Fig update for Deadfire that goes over all the newly released stuff and shares some developer insights, upcoming convention info, and more. Here's the video part of the update:

And an excerpt from the text part:

Patch 2.0

Alongside "Beast of Winter", Deadfire itself has an update today. Those of our community who have made Path of the Damned bow to their prowess may want to look for the secret menu in our main menu to access Magran's Fires, or the challenge modes we've implemented into the game. While we've officially brought back Triple Crown and Solo modes, we've also included two new modes named after Magran and Berath, respectively. Starting a game with any of these challenges will automatically put you in Path of the Damned with all cheats and mods disabled and with level scaling only going upwards.

Triple Crown mode activates both Trial of Iron and Expert modes simultaneously - which, in turn, means that players will get no helper features and only one save... which is deleted if you die.

Solo mode prevents any recruitment of party members. That means no companions, no sidekicks, and no adventurers!

Magran's Challenge prevents players from pausing or slowing down the game - though you can, of course, increase the speed at your own risk.

Berath's Challenge prevents players from fleeing combat and will kill any party member that is Knocked Out for six seconds.

Remember, Watchers can mix and match any of these challenges as they see fit, and we look forward to the ingenuity and resourcefulness that we've come to expect from our community. If you stream these challenges, let us know by tagging us on Twitter so we can have the team hop in and watch, and get you showcased on the Community Page of our website!

If you want to see the full patch notes for the 2.0 release of Deadfire, you can find them on our forums.

The Deck of Many Things

"The Deck of Many Things" free DLC is here! Many of the countless fantastic stories shared by sailors across the Deadfire include an ancient merchant ship of strange construction, filled to the brim with treasure and relics of ages past. While its crew never stays the same in these stories, the Deck of Many Things is always willing to trade its wonders away and equally willing to crush the pirates that dare try to steal from it. Check out this free DLC for a chance to seek out this legendary ship and gain access to its many treasures through trade - or attempt to take them by force!


Content Timeline

Curious to know what's in store for Deadfire for the rest of the year? Check out our timeline above! In addition to the DLC's that we have planned after "Beast of Winter" and the God Challenges to come with them, keep an eye out for more news about the Mega Bosses that will be placed into the game. These giant monsters and constructs will be sure to add new challenges and rewards to your runs, should you decide to confront them.