Grim Dawn Grim Misadventure #142 - The Shattered Realm Unveiled

When the upcoming Forgotten Gods expansion for Crate Entertainment's action-RPG Grim Dawn goes live, it will include a brand new The Shattered Realm game mode that, according to this “Grim Misadventure” development update, resembles an endless mode of sorts with a ticking clock on top of it. You enter a portal, you go through a “Shard” packed full of monsters, you defeat its guardians, and then you get some loot and a chance to press on and get even more loot.

Here's what one of these portals will look like:

And here's a bit about the new game mode:

Every once in a while, something comes to Grim Dawn that brings with it profound ramifications. The Faction system changed the way players traversed the ARPG world with meaningful choices and lasting impact on Cairn.

The Devotion system unveiled the skies, opening up character development by letting you customize your builds and playstyle beyond the already vast possibilities we had with our two mastery and loot system.

The Crucible offered an entirely new approach to hunting loot and introduced some of the toughest challenges the game had seen. It has since become the standard for top-tier build performance and is a staple for experienced players to fine tune their creations.

Item Skill modifiers took things to the next level by making gear choices even more meaningful and cementing Monster Infrequents as a core of the loot hunt.

The Illusionist let you dictate how your character looks rather than being defined solely by the gear you needed for your build. Finally, you could pillage dungeons in style.

Today, we are pleased to reveal for the first time the next major addition coming to Grim Dawn. Included with the Forgotten Gods expansion is a brand-new game mode…The Shattered Realm!

A Celestial Forgotten

The Shattered Realm is unlike anything mankind has ever witnessed, teeming with wealth and power beyond imagining, but also dangers not unlike those that you face even now on Cairn. Whatever entity crafted this realm, it seems it has long vanished and, with its absence, the reality crumbles.

It is very much a reflection of Cairn’s physical reality, but broken and distorted. You will visit locations that seem familiar and yet not.

The Shattered Realm seemingly goes on forever, but as its celestial light fades so the insatiable darkness consumes it. The deeper you dig, the tougher the opposition will become.

Traversing the Veil

Crossing between realities is no simple feat and while Cairn is subject to countless tears in the veil that allow not only the Aetherials to cross but also the vile Chthonians, actually transporting yourself beyond can be very punishing upon mortal flesh, if not outright lethal.

Enter Mazaan, the Keeper of Portals.

Blessed by the Witch God Bysmiel to enhance his sensitivity to the veil itself, Mazaan has mastered the ability to tear through the fabric of reality and open the way to realms beyond. It is no mere coincidence that the Witch God cults established their foothold, the Conclave of the Three, where the veil is weakened in the Korvan Plateau.

There Mazaan can perform his duties for those foolish enough to risk the Shattered Realm’s infinite dangers. Will you succeed where countless others have perished?

Infinite Potential

The Shattered Realm may have infinite potential, but so do the dangers that await within. The deeper you delve, the more powerful your foes will be and the more Mutators you will have to contend with. But such risks do not come without compensation.

Endure the challenges of the Shattered Realm and defeat the guardians that await at the end of one of its Shards and you can claim its rewards. Or proceed deeper still, to greater threats and even greater wealth.

The Shattered Realm is inherently unstable. If you spend too long gathering the souls of its damned denizens, then some of the wealth will destabilize and vanish forever into nothingness. Move quickly, the clock is ticking!

Uniquely Rewarded

The treasures within the Shattered Realm are as mysterious as the reality itself. You will encounter rewards that cannot be found anywhere else, including the most powerful Rune Augments in existence and an item set that reflects your mastery of this unstable reality.

This Shattering new game mode and more are coming your way with the Forgotten Gods expansion later this year. Are you adequately prepared for this infinite challenge?