Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr Patch v1.0.4, Unholy Incursion Global Event Live

The latest update for NeocoreGames' action-RPG Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr fixes a number of bugs and kicks off a week-long global event where the game's community will have to fight the unrelenting Chaos Space Marines in order to save the Lacaon System. Here's an overview of the event along with the latest patch notes:

A new Global Event will take place in Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr starting June 22, 2018, 7:00PM CEST (after a 2 hour period of maintenance).

Unholy Incursion takes the players to the Lacaon system where you'll be responding to the heavy Chaos Space Marine presence - with appropriate force.

Based on the community's feedback we're offering separate tiers of rewards and an extended period: this week-long event will conclude on June 29, so every player will be able to join and meet the criteria. There will be three special named enemies from the three participating Fallen Astartes Legions (Alpha Legion, Black Legion and Word Bearers.)

Event description:

The backwater Lacaon System was cut off from the Sector for a long period of time and it remains a severely problematic region for the Caligari Conclave. A highly-classified Inquisitorial investigation that successfully foiled a collaboration of three Chaos Marine Legions in the Subsector has already proven that the Lacaon System could play a significant role in the next phase of their master plan. The Holy Ordos have been allocating resources to monitor this region.

Recent events indicate that the time has come to intervene. The worlds in the Lacaon System still bear the marks of the pacification process against the heretic forces that gained power during the decades of separation. Something has stirred up the flames of unrest in the system again. There has been a terrifying surge in cultist activity on almost every world in the region, slowly assuming apocalyptic proportions. To make matters worse, Inquisitorial assets report the presence of various Chaos Marine Legions as well – these abominations are working in unison again, wreaking havoc on the planets crippled by the recent civil wars.

By the time the Imperium could react, they had already lost one world in the system. It was deemed to be past recovery and the heavy orbital bombardments turned Draquis Alpha to ashes. The most important planet, Lacaon Maioris, is a heavily fortified Shrine World that is safe for now, but the coordinated attacks of the enemy are still threatening the other planets.

The Caligari Conclave is sending all available agents to the Lacaon System. The mission is simple, but it is of vital importance: stop the unholy incursion on the affected worlds and save the Lacaon System.


New Features
  • Global Event: Unholy Incursion
    • Added a specific matchmaking feature for the Event
Fixed Bugs
  • Numerous localization-related fixes
  • Various crash fixes
  • Co-op stability improvements
  • Fixed enchants not working after death or weapon switching
  • Fixed numerous missing descriptions and icons
  • Fixed unfinishable Bunker Busting mission
  • Relic items' unique models are now showing and working properly
  • Fixed a few chests that could not be opened
  • Fixed a few malfunctioning teleporters for Hidden Rooms
  • Fixed the Coolant Fluids passive
  • Fixed the Self Flagellation perk
  • Fixed the Riposte passive
  • Fixed accidentally swapped controller key mappings
  • Fixed textboxes cutting off parts of descriptions
  • Fixed misleading tooltips of various Melee Passives that increase Critical Hit Chance with Melee Skills
  • Numerous leaderboard-related fixes
  • Personal Teleporter issues have been fixed
  • Indomitine's description for the Inoculator has been fixed
  • Fixed Influence Rewards in the Aethon System
  • Fixed a crafting exploit
  • Fixed the Tutorial entry for allies to clarify when players can control them
  • In Chapter 4, Van Winter's Legacy 2, players can no longer fail the mission if they go too far away from the teleporter
  • Turrets no longer drop loot
  • Fixed the Relic "Aura on Kill" enchant
  • Increased damage of Assault Bombardment drastically
  • Increased the Suppression Resistance of Great Unclean One by 150%
  • Increased hitpoints of Leman Russ Demolisher by 60%
  • Increased hitpoints of Word Bearers Decimator by 60%
  • Reduced Suppression Resistance of Sentinel Autocannon by 25%
  • Reduced Suppression Resistance of Sentinel Lasgun by 25%