Grim Dawn Grim Misadventure #140

Crate Entertainment's latest “Grim Misadventure” development update for Grim Dawn introduces us to the new Devotion Constellations coming to the action-RPG in the upcoming Forgotten Gods expansion. The constellations will allow you to customize your characters in a variety of new ways, which is always a nice addition. The update itself showcases the constellation art, while their brief descriptions can be found below:

Today, we turn our eyes to the skies, as a fog is lifted and forgotten constellations shine once more upon the people of Cairn.

Great powers stir within the Celestial tapestry, some forgotten, some merely hiding from a celestial conflict that Shattered all they had created. Today, we will look at their lessers, their servants:

A celestial omen of good fortune. Those born under its light are said to have lives of peace and happiness.

The mantis hungrily tears at the celestial tapestry, eager for wallowing stars to devour.

The nighttalon is an elusive and agile hunter, stalking the night sky for easy prey.

The scarab scurries across the night sky, seeking Azrakaa's sands to burrow into.

Hyrian, Guardian of the Celestial Gates
Hyrian is the immortal creation of Targo the Builder, created millennia ago to stand eternal vigil over the celestial tapestry the primordial gods inhabit.

Ulzaad, Herald of Korvaak
A titan loyal only to Korvaak, Ulzaad heralded the arrival of his patron to all his subjects. Without his master's command, Ulzaad became disillusioned and lost, eventually driven to madness and despair.

In total, Forgotten Gods will feature 9 new Constellations, 5 of which will include all-new Celestial Powers. What gifts do you suppose the gods will bestow upon you this time?