Conan Exiles “Countdown to Launch” Trailer

The May 8, 2018 release of Funcom's survival RPG Conan Exiles is almost upon us, and the game's official website reflects that with a countdown timer, a new developer blog that details many of the upcoming new features, and a “Countdown to Launch” trailer that brings us roughly two and a half minutes of fresh gameplay and cinematic footage. Check it out:

And here are a few sample paragraphs from the blog post:


The attributes system is also getting an important revamp. For every ten increases in each attribute you get a unique perk which unlocks a special ability. Ten points in survival allows you to eat uncooked meat without getting sick, fifty points in agility lets you perform a double jump while in the air and forty points in strength makes all your heavy attacks do 25% more damage. This new system makes developing your character and choosing the stats you want much more important.

Along with this system comes the introduction of many new armor sets which also increase your attributes. These are armors from the various cultures from the world of Conan the Barbarian, like Stygian, Hyrkanian, Zingaran and Hyperborean. The further you increase each attribute the more expensive it becomes. Getting those extra bonus points from pieces of armor can be just enough to get you that awesome perk.

In addition, you can also make warpaints which add to a chosen attribute. You can only wear one warpaint at a time, but with the combined bonuses of warpaints and armors you can now make specific builds which allow you to possess the perks you are after.

Altogether there are hundreds of new pieces of gear to choose from, with all new weapon sets, epic armors and tools. There is also a host of new legendary weapons with their own unique bonuses. You can get your hands on most of these through the all new world boss system, where massive world bosses can be defeated for their legendary loot.