Phoenix Point - Julian Gollop Q&A

Snapshot Games' Julian Gollop has recently participated in a live Q&A session on Facebook, where he answered plenty of Phoenix Point-related questions. And if you head on over to the game's website, you'll find the VOD and the text-based summary of the Q&A there. Here are a few sample questions:

What’s the release date?
We are releasing at the end of the year. We will probably also have an Early Access release. We will also be releasing a pre-alpha version to our Luxury Digital Edition pre-orders and backers at the end of March, possibly the beginning of April.

The original X-Com had many more simulation elements (procedurally generated levels, full bullet physics, destructible environments, soldier inventories etc). Can we expect similar in Phoenix Point?
The answer is yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and yet me yes.

Is there going to be a “Solomon Chamber” in Phoenix Point?
You’re not the first person to ask that question, believe it or not. We are thinking of including a reference to Jake because I love the guy dearly, he’s done an amazing job reviving turn-based strategy. There will be a tribute to Jake in there somewhere.

Can you explain a bit about how the Action Points system works?
This has been something that we’ve been testing and re-testing and tuning. We have an implicit action points system. There are different movement costs for using different types of equipment. We don’t explicitly show the movement points, just the range. If you spot an enemy the movement will pause, and you can issue new orders. However, shooting will normally end your turn, but there are many ways you can extend the actions of a soldier during a turn through using Will Points.

Is the damage system per bullet like the original X-Com?
It is. If you’re firing a burst weapon like an assault rifle, each individual bullet can hit something. It can hit the intended target, something behind it, one of your soldiers, another enemy.

Will there be bases, building and defending like the old X-Com?
Yes there will. It’s slightly different in a sense that you don’t construct completely new bases in the wilderness. You’ll be re-activating old Phoenix bases that are already in good locations. This is very important to the story line. They will already have some facilities present. You can add defences and new facilities, specialise them too. Bases can be attacked by the enemy.