Zombasite v1.015-v1.019 Patches Released

Soldak Entertainment has been keeping us updated on the release of several new patches for Zombasite and their recently released Orc Schism expansion pack, and while a couple of them have been quite small, there are at least two substantial updates (v1.016 and v1.019). In particular, the latest patch addresses some slowdown issues and player feedback on ambush rate:

  • fixed a major slow down in Skill::applyPassiveStatusEffects (Mithur)
  • now only get ambushes when player makes noise (should fix many ambush problems and some slow down issues) (Crisses/Ghost Matter)
  • fixed not getting reward chest for destroying clan (Powerfinder)
  • slowed down slow/very paces by about 25% (Crisses)
  • fixed a bug that allowed new defend clan stuff to get a free teleport to home (Russell)
  • evidence quests now take relations into account even more (more likely to like for family and friends) (Crisses)
  • decreased cost of paying vendors to come to town from 50/50 to 30/30 (Crisses)
  • fixed clan highlight text not working sometimes when hide eliminated option is turned on (fbo)
  • now 3 random clans have shades of brown as their colors instead of white (Orc Schism) (Romløoslash;k)
  • now World::getLevelsMakeUpLevel only generates list once per level
  • fixed destroyed clan message
  • fixed critical hit debuff being backwards on debilitating strike (ploratio)
  • fixed wishing well stuck message (Acer Spacer)
  • made zombielords larger
  • orc berserk sound no longer carries forever (BlastProcessing)
  • fixed a bad tile in one of the dungeons
  • bags no longer compare to starting backpack for better than checks
  • fixed : location on skill points left (Xangi)
  • updated copyright
  • changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 68
  • turned off key check on expansion
  • fixed not being able to select hybrid specialties very easy (invisible widget in way) (Livebait)
  • fixed being able to pick up skill icons on pick hybrid specialty screen (Livebait)
  • can now click on town attack icon to mute town attack sound (until there is a new alert) (Strix)
  • added repair all button on crafting screen (Obviously Unsound)
  • fixed NPCs getting too much money and no longer doing any activities (probably doesn't happen in real life much)
  • fixed an getActivityChance issue with npc completely overriding world modifiers
  • fixed not getting xp for disarming traps (Mnemovore)
  • fixed a bug allowing rescue/escort quests to add a vendor to your clan (would show up as Generic class) (Reginald CZ)
  • fixed vendors not coming to town sometimes when paid (were just an NPC not a quest) (Reginald CZ)
  • fixed saurian mages sometimes getting stuck in casting lightning (Krysle Quinsen/Reginald CZ)
  • made it so you can't see over level boundaries again (was causing some problems) (Reginald CZ)
  • fixed a couple problems with NPCs getting stuck in town sometimes when lots of NPCs gather in a small space (Mnemovore)
  • happiness, sanity, and morale item magic modifiers should no longer show up on player only types of items like bags (Throwback)
  • fixed a collision issue in most of the town layouts
  • fixed skins on unique zombie hellhounds
  • ancient monsters now fight each other also
  • added new rarity effects for monsters - new ones show up at Captain, Warboss, and Demigod (Destro*)
  • now clean up quests with 2 clans like deliveries when either of the clans is destroyed (rawrkite/Reginald CZ)
  • now make sure NPCs don't try to interact with other NPCs that are in a different level (hunting, raiding, adventuring, etc)
  • changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 67
  • changed game version to 225
  • randomized physical evidence drop distance some
  • added house in town burned down print
  • changed order of how menus and submenus handle mouse input
  • fixed not getting highlight text on money, points left, help, and close buttons on skills screen
  • now attribute & skill points left highlight text tells you how many points you will get next level up (Obviously Unsound)
  • TextureChangeFrom/TextureChangeTo now handles level having multiple of the same texture
  • fixed NPCs not following through gates (initialization issue of defensive raids feature coming in expansion) (Caal)
  • Orb of fortune now uses correct level for items like relics (Destro*)
  • dust of destiny now uses correct level for items like relics (Destro*)