SpellForce III Update Summary

We live in an age where when a game launches and then doesn't immediately get a dozen or so of patches - there must something wrong with it. And considering that Grimlore Games and THQ Nordic's recently released RTS/RPG hybrid SpellForce III already sports version 1.08, it must be doing something right. This Steam announcement summarizes one weekend's worth of patches that fix quite a few bugs and crashes, tweak the game's balance and improve its overall performance. Here are the patch notes:

10th December 2017
- Quest The Refugees: Fixed "fix" for not being able to talk to Clara
- Quest Prodigal Son: Fixed Ibertus not being interactable in old savegames without reloading
- Fixed workers getting stuck in inescapable area next to capitol on Aonirs Blade
- Fixed another bug related to the "The Elixir" quest
NOTE: If you acquire one of the items but drop/sell it before finishing the quest, the quest tracker may not show the quest anymore or you may not be able to talk to Rohesia. Once you have all the required items in your inventory again, the tracker will update and you will be able to talk to her.

- When playing co-op, only the host can now control the character creator

- "The Elixir" quest can now be completed
- Fixed "No Rest for the Wicked" issue when defeating some enemies in the wrong order
- Lost Trader in Farlorn's Hope now has correct inventory

- Highlight particle effect of loot containers will now remain active until the container is empty

- Fixed an issue with the "Terror from the Deep" quest
- Fixed an issue with certain Dragon Hunters refusing to die
- Fixed missing collision for building in Everlight

9th December 2017
- Decreased RTS difficulty on later campaign maps, especially on Easy and Normal difficulty
- Various minor fixes and improvements to english voice overs
- Changelog now only opens on game start if there are new changes
- Improved starting gear selection for heroes with low dexterity
- Slightly reduced savegame file size

- Fixed "A Macabre Market" quest (targets now turn hostile when they should)
- Fixed incorrectly placed quest marker for "Lingering Hope" quest
- Added additional means to acquire a certain ingredient required for "The Elixir"
- Fixed Isgrimm's armor upgrades not being applied (if you already tried to upgrade him, the upgrade will be applied once you bring him the materials for the next level)
- Fixed a possible issue that could prevent a dialogue with Arlan Finrior from being started
- Fixed an issue that could prevent you from progressing in the "The Refugees" quest line if a building was placed in an unfortunate spot
- Fixed a potential issue that did not allow players to talk to a story-relevant person in Everlight
- Fixed an issue that gave player a story-option in Hybernian Ruins that they did not yet unlock

- Judgement: Increased cast time significantly.
- Judgement: Reduced cast range significantly.
- Judgement: Decreased damage output slightly.

8th December 2017

- Fixed (another) issue preventing co-op players from proceeding past Fortress Vastel: Burial Caverns in the prologue
- Fixed an issue involving "The Refugees" quest.
We recommend restarting the game from a savegame made BEFORE entering the level for this quest. (Your most recent savegame will most likely work, too, but just to be safe.)
- Summons of Phantasm and Doppelganger Ability now wear armor
- Fixed some quests occasionally being displayed multiple times in the quest tracker
- Fixed screen remaining black during a certain dialogue
- Fixed birds flying sideways

- Reduced the focus costs of Fan of Knives from 10 to 5.
- Slightly increased the damage of Whirlwind.
- Increased the time-out for "Retaliate" from 3/2/1s to 6/4/3s.
- "Giantsbane": can now only affect up to 3 targets at a time.
- "Giantsbane": reduced block chance from 5% to 0%.
- Increased the block chance for 1h Sword and Hammer from 5% to 10%.
- Judgement now does full damage at level two but only affects up to 4 targets.

- Crash fixes
- Savegame-related fixes
- Minor performance improvements

- Fixed several quest related bugs
- Fixed loot bags not being clickable when dropped too close to a building
- Multiplayer chat history will now be cleared when entering a new session
- Fixed timing on some death animations